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Building your tech brand by having fun with acronyms

Marketers for technology companies are continually challenged to communicate complex  concepts in ways that are not only technically accurate, but also compelling and exciting to potential customers. At McKenzie Worldwide, we’re excited about technology and the transformation that our clients’ products and services bring to the world. Our creative PR and marketing teams are focused on…

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Building your personal brand by focusing on your passion

Nothing makes us happier than when our clients are profiled in extremely positive stories. It makes all of the hard work that they do in their jobs and our work helping tell their stories all worthwhile. And, it doesn’t hurt if the client is involved in so many activities that it allows us to give…

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Doing good while building your brand

Every once in a while you have the opportunity to work on an initiative, announcement or event (or all of the above) that you believe will really make a difference. Even better is when an idea that you suggest combines with your client’s vision of the same path to make a really good thing a…

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Insights on Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

Being an attendee at an event like the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference is a lot like trying to drink from a fire hose. You can’t possibly take everything in, you just hope you’ll be hydrated throughout the event. This year’s conference was bigger than ever, nearly doubling attendance from last year. This was its fourth…

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Are we entering a post-text world?

Buckle your seat belts because the digital experience world is quickly transforming, which means big changes in marketing and communications over the next several years. I went to the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference this week in San Diego and I attended a really exciting session on the advent of voice, video and other forms of communication and it…

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