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Tapping your (big) partner’s brand – six strategies that work

In almost any tech industry segment you’ll find a few very large companies surrounded by dozens to hundreds of complementary smaller companies that do everything from filling in functionality gaps to adding industry specialization or providing service and support. This ecosystem is important to the big company’s success and most, to varying degrees, works to…

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How Can I Be A Brand Ambassador?

Brand, viral marketing, social media…the marketing buzzword machine just keeps on rolling. I know editors who use tools to throw out e-mails if they contain certain buzzwords like breakthrough, solutions, and cutting-edge. And yet new marketing terms come up quite frequently, although many are good ones since they hit the nail right on the head.…

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Customer Engagement and Design Experience Key to Brand Building

Over the years, I’ve found it fascinating to see how different marketing and creative disciplines define “brand.” My favorite: brand = logo. While the logo is an important visual output of the brand experience, to say that a brand is fully represented by its logo is ignoring a much bigger picture. Apple is perhaps one…

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