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Enterprise Software

Building your tech brand by having fun with acronyms

Marketers for technology companies are continually challenged to communicate complex  concepts in ways that are not only technically accurate, but also compelling and exciting to potential customers. At McKenzie Worldwide, we’re excited about technology and the transformation that our clients’ products and services bring to the world. Our creative PR and marketing teams are focused on…

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RFPIO is on fast track to success

Congratulations to our fantastic clients at RFPIO on their exciting announcement yesterday! RFPIO has secured $25 million from K1 Investment Management to help them continue to revolutionize the proposal management industry. K1 is going to be a great strategic partner for RFPIO. We believe that RFPIO will be the next DocuSign and we’re enjoying helping them with their public relations and…

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There’s money to be made in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity continues to be top of mind in the high tech sector. It seems like every few weeks there is a new threat with interesting sounding names like Petya, SpyEye and Shylock. But the growth in cyberthreats has also led to increased value of cybersecurity companies. For instance, Carbon Black recently raised $152 million with its IPO…

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Enterprise transformation – Is it real this time?

Over the past 20 years or so that I’ve been involved in the enterprise software industry, I’ve heard endless predictions about how the industry is going to dramatically change and how this technology or that technology, or new delivery models like software as a service are going to put the established vendors out of business.…

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Buried in Information

Every company I’ve worked for has had some type of system for capturing and storing important information. It’s great that technology allows us to share important work documents with other employees, even ones we may not know personally. But is all of that information good for us? I stare at my computer screen all day…

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