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Publishers Face Brand Loyalty Challenges

I keep telling my kids that they are growing up in an amazing time. They don’t know what it’s like to use a rotary phone, they don’t know how to change the channel on the TV without a remote, and they have no idea what’s it like to live in a world without PCs, iPods…

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Ten Buzz Building PR Strategies for Software Up-and-Comers

Nearly ten years ago when I was part of the SAP public relations team, I remember sitting in the SAPPHIRE press room observing the various activities going on. One interaction stands out.  A marketer from a partner company had just dropped off his press kit (this was back when we still did paper press kits),…

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Why All the Fuss About Brand?

Brand name, brand experience, brand awareness, brand recognition, brand image, brand franchise, and brand identity…just to name a few. Thanks Wikipedia. Here’s the definition of brand that I like: The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – in effect the personality of a product, company or service. Is there a more misunderstood…

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