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The Sorry State of Technology Reporting

By Brian Edwards | December 4, 2009

As anyone who has been in the technology industry for a while knows, the heyday of the IT publications has long since past. I remember when PC Magazine was the size of one of the bridal magazines – a veritable tome chock full of reviews, commentary and, of course, tons of ads. Now the few…

Why Not Use the Real Rock Star?

By Megan McKenzie | December 1, 2009

Intel has always had such impressive branding campaigns; they’re a great example of how to give a cool personality to a company that makes really, really geeky products. The “Intel inside” campaign was pure genius, they were able to create awareness to the average Joe, who likely didn’t understand what Intel’s technology was inside the…

ANYWHERE – Still Not Here

By Brian Edwards | November 25, 2009

The other day I was in a Tacos del Mar munching down a burrito and scanning through email on my BlackBerry. An email push from Yankee Group CEO Emily Nagle Green caught my eye. She was hyping her new book called ANYWHERE about the global connectivity revolution. The email made it sound intriguing so I…

Dinosaurs Didn't Adapt, But You Should

By Rob Goodman | November 23, 2009

Say what you want about social media, but I firmly believe that it’s here to stay and it’s changing the way the world works. And it’s not even social media. Why bother waiting for the morning newspaper to learn about world events or national politics when I can go onto www.cnn.com of www.foxnews.com (always fair…

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

By Megan McKenzie | November 19, 2009

What do the following publications, Government Computer News, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Maintenance Technology have in common? They are the publications that cover how software solutions are actually being used by real industry customers. They are the vertical publications for these industries … and on their pages is where the “rubber meets the road.” My very…

Blogger Conduct: Official blogs vs. Personal blogs

By Rob Goodman | November 17, 2009

While blogging has been largely accepted in most companies, there are many details still to be sorted out. One significant grey area is around what’s acceptable in corporate vs. personal blogs. Many employees share insights and information in their company-sponsored wikis and blogs. Yet those same employees also may participate in non-work related blogs, tweets…

Let’s Get Brand Appy

By Brian Edwards | November 16, 2009

With the successful launch of the Verizon Droid, the best-selling Android phone to date, app-capable smartphones are well on their way to becoming the standard for cell phones.  The wireless service providers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are all seeing big spikes in revenue and profit as consumers sign up for data plans in…

The Human Factor

By Megan McKenzie | November 12, 2009

I love it when you can humanize a high-tech solution, when you can demonstrate the solution at work, hear how it’s actually making lives better.  It’s great when you can see how Microsoft Office makes someone be more productive or how a Tektronix oscilloscope could help an engineer test for signal integrity.  All good stuff.…

Mobilizing the Troops

By Rob Goodman | November 12, 2009

Being in the high tech industry has given me a front row seat to the launch of many new products and technologies. My knowledge of the rapid adoption of social media tools, such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, has largely been focused on the tech industry. High tech companies and the people who work for…

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