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Insights on Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

By Anne Schneider | May 22, 2018

Being an attendee at an event like the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference is a lot like trying to drink from a fire hose. You can’t possibly take everything in, you just hope you’ll be hydrated throughout the event. This year’s conference was bigger than ever, nearly doubling attendance from last year. This was its fourth…

Are we entering a post-text world?

By Anne Schneider | May 17, 2018

Buckle your seat belts because the digital experience world is quickly transforming, which means big changes in marketing and communications over the next several years. I went to the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference this week in San Diego and I attended a really exciting session on the advent of voice, video and other forms of communication and it…

PacStar Wins Technology Company of the Year Award for Growth

By Rob Goodman | May 16, 2018

Congratulations to our client PacStar for being named as the Technology Company of the Year for Growth by the Technology Association of Oregon. Now in its 34th year, the Oregon Technology Awards recognize the state’s most outstanding companies. The winners of the 2018 Oregon Technology Awards were selected from a wide spectrum of industries within the various…

Measuring Your brand

By Anne Schneider | May 16, 2018

In the early days (okay a few years ago), Gartner analysts believed that marketing would be entirely driven by analytics by 2018. This hasn’t happened at all, and in fact, measuring the value of a brand remains a struggle for marketers today.  Gartner analysts provided a lot of insight around the issue but of course there is no magic…

Gartner insights on brand loyalty

By Anne Schneider | May 15, 2018

This week, McKenzie Worldwide is attending the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in beautiful San Diego. We’re looking forward to a few days of insights from Gartner analysts to stay abreast of future trends, consumer attitudes and emerging technologies. If the keynote address was an example of what’s to come in the next three days of sessions,…

Technology companies stand up to cyberwarfare

By Rob Goodman | May 1, 2018

While most of the cybersecurity headlines talk about personal security, we can’t forget that governments continue to play a dangerous game of cyberwarfare. However, many leading technology companies aren’t standing by and letting their technology be used by rogue governments for cyberwarfare activities. Microsoft and Facebook, among many others, recently announced that they would not…

Facebook has a rough week, and Ransomware attacks on local governments highlight cybersecurity news

By Rob Goodman | April 13, 2018

If you ever thought that being a billionaire tech mogul was fun, then consider the week that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had. Testifying before Congress can be overwhelming, but Zuckerberg had to update multiple committees in Congress about the Cambridge Analytica fiasco and what Facebook is doing to protect personal customer data. Here’s a roundup…

Oregon is the new hot spot for cybersecurity

By Rob Goodman | March 15, 2018

As the market for cybersecurity experts continues to grow, Oregon is fast becoming a cybersecurity hub. And what’s with millennials and their lack of interest in passwords? It’s a growing problem. Here’s a roundup of cybersecurity news from the Cyber Oregon website.

Cyber Oregon highlights top cybersecurity news

By Rob Goodman | February 27, 2018

Cybersecurity continues to be a major issue for companies, individuals and governments. In the most recent cybersecurity news roundup on the Cyber Oregon website, we highlight crypto-mining, malware and global cyber threats.

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