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The impact that partnering can have on your brand

By Rob Goodman | July 28, 2016

On the surface the idea of having your company partner with a larger company sounds like a good idea. With any luck your company will increase sales and possibly be able to create joint marketing opportunities like presenting together at an industry trade show or by writing a byline article together. However, sometimes there is…

What type of interactive content is the best for building your brand?

By Jessica Bettendorf | June 15, 2016

Interactive content takes many forms, from online quizzes, surveys and assessments to fun, informative and engaging photos and videos. Often, people who are engaging with interactive content might not even realize they’re engaging with a clever marketing program when they click on a photo or take a quiz. The value added to a brand from…

Marketers it's time for some spring cleaning on social media

By Jessica Bettendorf | May 18, 2016

We are in the midst of a crisis and no I’m not talking about the economy or politics, I’m referring to a social media engagement crisis. According to research and consulting firm Forrester, per-follower interaction rates on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus have drastically fallen in the last year. The only social media platform…

Don’t forget the strategy when it comes to your Content Marketing program

By Rob Goodman | May 16, 2016

Over the past year I’ve seen quite a bit of coverage devoted to Content Marketing. Many people I’ve spoken with and articles that I’ve read highlight the importance of having a content distribution machine in place to deliver content to the masses. However, the reality is that while many companies talk a good game, most…

Strike when the opportunity is hot

By Rob Goodman | May 13, 2016

One of the more important aspects of public relations is being able to uncover opportunities and being agile enough to ensure the best outcome for your clients. When an opportunity to help a client presents itself, you need to move fast. But it’s not just about turning around something quickly, it’s also about knowing the…

Content marketing: Not just another fad, but the path to real results

By Jessica Bettendorf | May 4, 2016

Are you sick of tracking marketing fads? Direct marketing morphed into digital marketing, which is giving way to content marketing. Very often there is plenty of substance behind the fad – which is why it became popular in the first place – but only if you do it right. Another challenge to throw into the…

What implications will Facebook’s latest updates have on marketers?

By Jessica Bettendorf | April 26, 2016

Facebook has made some new changes to its News Feed. The changes are so subtle that, like a gentle breeze, you may not have even noticed. In an effort to improve overall user satisfaction, Facebook asked thousands of people daily to rate their experiences and make suggestions on how the News Feed can be improved.…

Instagram’s new change will force brands to focus on quality content

By Jessica Bettendorf | April 11, 2016

In the next few months, Instagram will be unveiling a slight “timeline tweak” with a new algorithm. Don’t panic! This change will actually be a good thing for brands. Currently, the photo and video sharing platform employs a chronological timeline. This format optimizes a post based solely on its popularity, which is great for people…

Twitter is now 10 years old, but where’s the innovation?

By Jessica Bettendorf | March 23, 2016

Twitter celebrated its 10th birthday on Monday this week but it left many experts asking, “Where’s the innovation?” A decade ago Twitter exploded onto the social media scene. Since then seemingly everyone from millennials to journalists, entrepreneurs, celebrities and even world leaders like President Barack Obama, have been tweeting their thoughts non-stop, all within 140…

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