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Plan ahead for social media results

Plan ahead for social media results So how big has social media become? Check out these numbers. • As of March 2012 Facebook had over 901 million users worldwide. • As of February 2012 Twitter has over 500 million users worldwide. • As of April 2012 Google + has over 170 million users worldwide. • Out…

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Why All the Fuss About Brand?

Brand name, brand experience, brand awareness, brand recognition, brand image, brand franchise, and brand identity…just to name a few. Thanks Wikipedia. Here’s the definition of brand that I like: The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – in effect the personality of a product, company or service. Is there a more misunderstood…

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Can innovation survive when companies grow?

Living in the world of high tech means, at least to me, that we play by a different set of rules. Many tech companies are seen as innovative, strategic and forward-thinking, while others are clumsy, slow and reactionary. I started thinking about this issue after I read a recent Op Ed in the New York…

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