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Technology companies stand up to cyberwarfare

While most of the cybersecurity headlines talk about personal security, we can’t forget that governments continue to play a dangerous game of cyberwarfare. However, many leading technology companies aren’t standing by and letting their technology be used by rogue governments for cyberwarfare activities. Microsoft and Facebook, among many others, recently announced that they would not…

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Plan ahead for social media results

Plan ahead for social media results So how big has social media become? Check out these numbers. • As of March 2012 Facebook had over 901 million users worldwide. • As of February 2012 Twitter has over 500 million users worldwide. • As of April 2012 Google + has over 170 million users worldwide. • Out…

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange

I guess David Bowie had it right so many years ago. Change, so the saying goes, is inevitable in life. We change jobs, change clothes, and change hair styles. To me, though, it seems that I rarely hear about people who talk about how their profession has changed. I’ve been in PR for over 20…

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Why All the Fuss About Brand?

Brand name, brand experience, brand awareness, brand recognition, brand image, brand franchise, and brand identity…just to name a few. Thanks Wikipedia. Here’s the definition of brand that I like: The word brand has continued to evolve to encompass identity – in effect the personality of a product, company or service. Is there a more misunderstood…

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