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Insights on Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

Being an attendee at an event like the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference is a lot like trying to drink from a fire hose. You can’t possibly take everything in, you just hope you’ll be hydrated throughout the event. This year’s conference was bigger than ever, nearly doubling attendance from last year. This was its fourth…

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Gartner insights on brand loyalty

This week, McKenzie Worldwide is attending the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in beautiful San Diego. We’re looking forward to a few days of insights from Gartner analysts to stay abreast of future trends, consumer attitudes and emerging technologies. If the keynote address was an example of what’s to come in the next three days of sessions,…

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Strengthen your brand without creeping out your customers

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a great opportunity for marketing executives. As noted in Forbes, “Data analytics and IoT – two emerging keystones of the digital economy – are fueling something of a feeding frenzy of grand proportions in the tech space…Much of the action was driven by the push to adopt IoT and data analytics…

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