My Ode To Technology Advances

I am continually amazed at how far technology has advanced in my lifetime. Kids don’t have to practice handwriting since they type everything on a computer or handheld device. SLR cameras have taken a backseat to cameras on Smartphones. Playing basketball on the Wii seems to be more fun for kids than actually playing ball outside.

While the technology advances are interesting I find that it’s the impact that these new forms of technology have on how we go about our daily lives to be truly amazing. While we used to use a phone to speak with a specific person, now we have the ability to connect in real-time and share our experiences with multiple people.

As GigaOm blogger Janko Roettgers put it in a recent post, “It’s not about connecting with intent and purpose, but about sharing real-time experiences online.

With that said here is my little ode to technology advances.


A long time ago, in a suburb far, far away,

technology invaded my life, and it’s still doing it today.

Atari and Commodore led the way, they opened the door for all to play.

Staring at screens without saying any words, My god it’s like the attack of the nerds!


Then cell phones appeared, and Apple’s Newton became a must.

But nobody realized that it would be such a bust.

Now into the 2000’s and past Y2K.

Smartphones became the norm, and so I junked my old PDA.


But how has technology changed our lives?

Is it for the better, or should we just run and hide?

For the past 20 years high tech has been my cup of tea.

Pitching stories for clients to secure them publicity.


And now I watch in wonder as the world changes around me.

Kids learning on touch-screens, grandparents surfing on their TV.

Connecting with influencers now dominates the PR game.

And having a blog really isn’t so lame.


So we still get coverage and write case studies galore.

The question now becomes, will social media become a bore?

For now social media is the Holy Grail,

But as history has shown, anything can fail.


So I junked my VCR and most payphones are off the hook.

Yet e-readers now dominate, wither the book?

And so new technologies will continue to appear,

and kids will adapt since they have no fear.


Technology will continue to change our lives,

Sometimes it’s so scary I’m afraid I’ll get hives.

But don’t fret and don’t fear as these changes come and go,

It’s all part of growing up, didn’t you know?




Rob Goodman

Author: Rob Goodman

Rob Goodman is a communications professional with more than 27 years of experience in public relations, marketing and content creation.