Kellan is a talented member of the McKenzie Worldwide team with strong skills in social media, digital marketing, video editing, website design, and content creation.

Kellan is part of our agency's cybersecurity team working with Cyber Oregon, Futurex, NW Cyber Camp, PKI Solutions and other companies. He enjoys telling clients’ stories and missions to help customers and consumers improve their security and to better protect themselves, their assets, and their data.

His work has contributed to the success of several projects for a wide variety of the agency’s clients. In addition, his out-of-the-box thinking has inspired new brand building awareness programs.

When he’s not brainstorming creative ideas for clients, Kellan enjoys traveling, photography, stock trading, and various entrepreneurial ventures. He’s also an excellent cook who likes good food, pursuing the perfect steak, and fine-tuning his smash burger chef skills on his Blackstone grill.


Cyber Oregon, Futurex, Laplink, PacStar, PKI Solutions, NW Cyber Camp.


Cybersecurity, enterprise software, hospitality online booking systems, video editing software.


Social media, digital marketing, website design, video editing, creative services.