Celebrating Earth Day with Friends of Trees

Think “Pacific Northwest.” What comes to mind? Forests, rivers, fish and rain are just a few of the iconic images of the region. And while those are true, it’s also true that the place we call home in the Portland, Oregon, metro area isn’t as tree-filled as it once was. Friends of Trees, an Oregon non-profit, engages groups and individuals to re-forest parks and natural areas as well as add to our urban canopy.

Here at McKenzie Worldwide, we love trees and the wildlife they support. So, one cloudy (but dry!) day recently we decided to give Mother Nature a big helping hand by joining Friends of Trees and dozens of other volunteers to do some tree TLC. We were joined by community members and teams of employees from other area companies, including Starbucks.

Our target: Happy Valley Park. Our task: whittle down a mountain of mulch by one bucket-full at a time and spread it around the trees and shrubs other Friends of Trees volunteers had planted during the winter.  As you can see from the photos below, the event involved a lot of buckets, wheelbarrows and grinning people, including us! Needless to say, this won’t be the last time we give back to the community because helping others, including Mother Nature, just feels good.

A few members of the McKenzie Worldwide team are all smiles at a Friends of Trees tree care day in Happy Valley, Oregon. Left to right, Brian Edwards, Mary Edwards, Anne Schneider, Rob Goodman and Megan McKenzie.
Empty buckets ready to be filled with mulch at the Happy Valley, Oregon, Friends of Trees tree care event.
Friends of Trees was pleased to share the stage with Happy Valley government leaders, including Mayor Tom Ellis. The city’s commitment to trees has paid off with recognition from the Arbor Day Foundation.
Anne demonstrates proper mulching technique.
Mary and Brian taking a brief pause in the mulch bucket brigade at the Friends of Trees tree care event.
The hard work paid off! Hundreds of trees and shrubs at Happy Valley Park got a top dressing of mulch to help them grow up strong.
Mary Dickinson Edwards

Author: Mary Edwards

Mary Dickinson Edwards is an accomplished writer and editor with more than 25 years of experience in consumer and trade newspapers and magazines.