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Good people and companies make great clients

It’s always such a pleasure to work with clients who are helping others and working hard to make a difference in the world. Our client Nitin Rai is one of those people. Through his venture capital firm Elevate Capital, Nitin and his team provide some incredibly valuable mentoring and capital to entrepreneurs from underserved communities…

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PacStar Success Drives Local TV News Coverage

Success breeds success. No where is that saying more true than with our long-time client PacStar. The company continues to rack up success after success, which helped us to land very positive news coverage with local TV news station, KGW8. In addition to the fantastic report below, news reporter Pat Dooris also put together two…

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Celebrating Earth Day with Friends of Trees

Think “Pacific Northwest.” What comes to mind? Forests, rivers, fish and rain are just a few of the iconic images of the region. And while those are true, it’s also true that the place we call home in the Portland, Oregon, metro area isn’t as tree-filled as it once was. Friends of Trees, an Oregon…

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