Building your personal brand by focusing on your passion

Nothing makes us happier than when our clients are profiled in extremely positive stories. It makes all of the hard work that they do in their jobs and our work helping tell their stories all worthwhile. And, it doesn’t hurt if the client is involved in so many activities that it allows us to give shout-outs to multiple organizations and other clients so everyone wins.

One of our most recent examples of an outstanding profile story is this television interview with our client Charlie Kawasaki, CTO of PacStar that aired on KGW-TV. We also wrote a blog post about it on the Cyber Oregon website that we manage since the story is focused on his work in cybersecurity. 

This is a must-watch interview. Not only is it a powerful story about someone giving back to his community and helping others, but it is also an important lesson about how following your passion supports your personal brand. 

What is your personal brand? How are you building and reinforcing it? 

Megan McKenzie

Author: Megan McKenzie

Megan McKenzie provides strategic leadership to McKenzie Worldwide and the agency’s work with technology companies in enterprise, consumer, wireless, networking, & cybersecurity.